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Exponential XP Supplies the Evolutionary Pressure for Character, and Player, Growth

Exponential XP requirements force player choices to evolve with character level, yielding dynamic gameplay. Humans have a natural need to feel a sense of progression. Gamers understand this intuitively. Taken for a given today, no single game did more to proliferate this idea than Original Dungeons & Dragons ( OD&D ). The game is the progenitor of character levels and XP as concepts. Since their introduction, these ideas have been continuously reimagined. Conditions on which XP is accumulated, maximum level attainment, and related mechanics have been redesigned countless times. For Game Publishers, Dollars Equal XP Traditionally, this experimentation came from a desire to engender the ideal progression experience for players. However, other objectives eventually arose, commercial considerations eventually becoming one of them. One could be forgiven for not noticing how odd D&

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