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XP Is the Best Teacher

Ye olde TL;DR - Referees speed up player growth by awarding XP for thoughtful, creative, and curious play. As noted in the last post , XP and level progression in various tabletop RPGs have been rethought many times. But irrespective of the particulars of any given XP scheme, they are designed to evoke a specific player experience. The things the grant XP are the things the game wants the players to do. In vintage/retro games, the main source of XP is currency. Cash is king, and the king is king because of cash. Besides money, defeating NPCs in encounters grants a token amount of XP. Good players should take the most important cues just by habituating to these two XP sources. But as a referee, by getting more intentional with how you dispense XP, you can help players catch on faster. Cannot We Talk It Out? Start by getting creative in how you use the existing gold and encounter XP mechani

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